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Aluminum systems

Aluminum profiles used in pontoons are designed specially, passed various tests and are appropriate for marine life.



Aluminum 6005 T6 main profile
ISO 3834-2 welding certificate
High quality
Various lifting capacities and Freeboard height upon demand,
Production as per type of floaters used
Suitable for boats up to 45m with mega yacht profile
Suitable for tightening boats in different length and height such as fish boats and ferryboats as well as any kind of yachts,
Easy to install


Aluminum 6005 T6 main profile
ISO 3834-2 welding certificate
High quality
Suitable for attaching cleat, bitt and similar accessories by means of channels
Easy to install
Produced in delta shape
Lifting capacity of 150 kg/m2 and possible to increase it with floaters


Suitable for producing in required sizes
Composite or wooden coatings on floors
Lifting capacity of 200kg/m2 up to 6m, and 400kg/m2 for 6 meter over
Suitable for increasing lifting capacity upon demand
Made of aluminum 6005 T6 main profile
ISO 3834-2 welding certificate
High quality


Floating ability of piers in required levels
Type 1 floater – 240 kg/m2 lifting capacity and 50 cm ±5 cm height
Type 2 floater – 500 kg/m2 lifting capacity and 57 cm ±5 cm height
Type 3 floater – 900 kg/m2 lifting capacity and 83 cm ±5 cm height
Durable against any weather condition and impacts,

Mooring System

Mooring system suitable for any kind of environment
HEA Bracket used to moor the pontoons in parallel with the coast
Stiff Arm Bracket used to moor in a particular distance from coast
Mooring with Pole working in compliance with the level of the sea by means of the wheels
Chain Vault Method enabling pontoons to be moored on the sea surface

Covering Solutions

Composite material
Various color options
Wooden coating upon demand
Flooring in various types


Having systems for internet, cable TV, card-operated counters and lighting
Emergency equipment for fire and similar events
Various models having aluminum or polyethylene


Lateral Fender: It protects boat and pier against impacts with UV filter and flexibility.
Corner Fender: It prevents corners of pier to give damage on boat
Flex Fender: It allows big sailboats and motor yachts to approach the pier.
D Fender: It decreases the crashing load of boats against pier


Cleat: There are two types of cleats having drawing endurance from 3 tons to 10 tons. Suitable for yachts up to 15 – 25 meters.
Ladder: It prevents corrosion by placing on the sea when they are not used by means of float system ladder stand.
Extra floater: It has lifting capacity of 100 kg.
It is used to provide extra floating ability to the floaters under the points which gangways are fixed with pole brackets.
Safety rail: It is used to create safe passing areas.
Coastal balcony: It allows gangways to lower in parallel with the pontoon.


PMS Polietilen Mam. San. Tic. A.Ş presented the Marine Dock system to the market in 2010 with numerous modular floating platform applications and an experience of 22 years, in order to meet the demands of the marina projects in the world and in Turkey.

Marine Dock product group realizes the marina systems that ships and mega yachts need with its experienced group of engineers and their careful feasibility studies.

Thanks to the Marine Dock system, the needs of
Private Marinas,
Floating bridges,
Military boat piers,
Piers for fishing and ferry boats are met.

The aim of Marine Dock system is not only to provide a passage or parking area for yachts but also to create a social and active floating platform that serves its location.


Aluminum profiles used in pontoons are designed specially, passed various tests and are appropriate for marine life. Plastic floaters used in pontoons are made of high density polyethylene and very resistant against damages, sea water and sunlight. The floaters also have polystyrene filling on the inside to increase resistance.

Hard to break, impossible to sink,
Light and easy to carry,
Easy to install
Easy to repair,
Suitable for electricity, water and fuel systems by means of the channels,
Water circulation by means of gaps between floaters,
Cleat replaceable easily,
Easy to attach accessories such as bank bench and safety rail easily,
Protection against impacts by means of soft and flexible fenders
Flexible structure adjustable according to the lifting capacity,
Availability as fire and fuel station,
Suitable for applying aluminum, wooden and similar coatings.


Marine Dock System has framework system consisting of durable and special profiles for marine environment and polyethylene floaters with high level of endurance.

Different solutions are presented for different kinds of applications. With Marine Dock Floating aluminum pier systems, it is possible to provide finger piers allowing safe and comfortable fastening for the boats and special floaters for requirement of high level of lifting capacity or various heights, and to install easily the electricity, water, internet, TV systems required for the marinas by means of coating solutions (composite or wooden) in various color and flexibility.